Martinez, Fabris and Jancek Fired

It’s official per D. Hale and DawgsBUI and AJC and Banner Herald and AGS Chronicle.

Okay, that’s done. Now let’s find out who Richt has been talking to in the past few days.

What about Kirby Smart?

Then there is Dick Bumpas.

Who else do you think will be considered?

I heard earlier today that, if fired by Illinois, Ron Zook would be a candidate.

Jeff Schultz (AJC) says Richt was right.

VolNation worries that Orgeron or Thompson will be targets of UGA if K. Smart does not come.

David Pollack tweets that he is “100% sure” that Garner will not be DC.

The other interesting news today is that Logan Gray has been moved to wide receiver and a QB has been offered for 2010. Looks like Richt is getting set up for Murray as the starter and Gray to transfer (another free scholly).


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  1. Bumpus would be a good hire. Zook for special teams coach

  2. Bring on Sly Croom!

  3. Dick Bumpus would be a great hire. I not sure how serious the Zook suggestion is but that might be a good idea. It would be a good temporary hire given the idea that Zook would eventually want another head coaching job. Then again he might be one of those guys that is better off as a position coach or coordinator. He is always had a great reputation as a recruiter. For instance in the early 90’s when Spurrier was on the golf course, he did alot of good recruiting for him and the Gators.

    Since the Georgia defense finished dead last in categories like Scoring defense and probably not good in others, could it really get any worse? Can’t be too picky. Plus, to get a guy like Kirby Smart, Damon Evans is basically going to have to show up with some serious cash in other words alot more money that he or the Trustees are comfortable spending.

    What Tennessee did last December with Lane Kiffin’s staff was outrageous and crazy but it appears outrageous and crazy worked.

    When is the last time you remember in your lifetime Georgia just paid an amount money that made you say, “Damn that is alot of cash, just for _______.”–Coach Richt is not an appropriate answer.

    It’s not in their personality to do something like that and if they want someone like Smart that is exactly what they are going to have to do. Kirby is not just going to say “once Bulldog, always Bulldog” and just sign on the dotted line. You are going to have to make it really worth his while.

    Just find somebody to fix the Georgia defense is all I ask. Hire Bumpas. He will do.

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